Project Controls

Envision has more than two and a half decades of experience in providing project controls services to the design and construction industries.  We have worked as a proven partner on roadway, bridge, mass transit, rail, aviation, educational, wastewater, ports, and commercial and industrial projects throughout the United States.  Our project controls services are customized to the needs of each client and project.  They include CPM Scheduling, Cost Estimating, Construction Claims Analysis, Dispute Avoidance, Document Control, Project Cost and Change Control.  Together, these services provide a strong foundation for successful project management.  By helping to manage a project’s schedule, budget, changes and claims – and by providing the timely, objective information – project teams are able to make more informed and effective decisions.

Project Controls


Proper scheduling is key to the success of today’s construction projects. Envision’s project scheduling services include advanced Critical Path Method (CPM) management and control methodologies for complex engineering and construction projects. Envision is experienced in developing, reviewing, and analyzing various types of schedule used in the industry today. Our scheduling professionals are highly experienced in state-of-the-art scheduling software systems, as well as in hands-on, in-the-field construction—a distinction that sets them—and Envision—apart.

Scheduling services include:
  • Project Master Schedules
  • Contractor CPM Schedules
  • Time Impact Analyses
  • Review of Associated Construction Schedules
  • Progress Reporting
  • Project Status Meetings


Disputed change orders and construction claims can undermine even the most carefully planned project. Envision has provided construction claims analysis services to both public and private-sector clients in a variety of industries and for a variety of complex projects. Our team is comprised of seasoned construction managers with vital experience in scheduling, construction, risk analysis, and dispute resolution.

Construction claims services include:
  • Identification of Design Errors
  • Schedule analysis
  • Contract analysis
  • Cost exposure analysis
  • Construction means and methods evaluation
  • Plans and specifications review
  • Delay claim analysis
  • Preparation of expert reports
  • Claim presentation


Accurate, responsive cost estimating is essential to keeping complex projects within budget. Envision has an entire team dedicated to cost estimating. Each estimate is customized based on specific needs. We begin the process by gaining a thorough understanding of our client’s and project’s particular requirements. Then, we identify the specific cost estimates needed and get down to business. We stand behind the accuracy and timely completion of our work.

Cost estimating services include:
  • Conceptual Cost Estimates
  • CSI Format Cost Estimates
  • Order-Of-Magnitude Cost Estimates
  • Engineer Estimates (at 30, 60, 90 and 100 percent completion)
  • R.S. Means CostWorks Construction Data


By using proven advanced technologies, our team can efficiently manage the document control process. This provides the necessary visibility and organization for all project stakeholders, allows ample time for quick responses to pressing issues, and simultaneously records an accurate history of events. Overall, with these controls in place, the program will be enhanced with integrated construction management support, controlled document management, comprehensive change management, accurate job cost management, powerful dashboards and reporting tools, consolidated email and correspondence storage, search capabilities, and claim/issue resolution support.

Document control services include:
  • Integrated construction management support
  • Contract management
  • Controlled document management
  • Procurement
  • Comprehensive change management
  • Accurate job cost management
  • Powerful dashboards and reporting tools
  • Project Email Management
  • Search capabilities
  • Claim/issue resolution