President’s Message


Welcome to Envision Consultants, Ltd.

Our story, like so many others, is one of evolution.  We began at the kitchen table in my family rowhome in Northeast Philadelphia.  It was 1994.  Since then, we’ve expanded on so many levels – the number of employees, types of projects, clients served, offices opened, community involvement, and so forth.

And…one common thread ties everything together – PARTNERSHIP.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to build working relationships with key clients and teaming partners.  Envision takes great pride in being a partner that is reliable and trustworthy.  We consider it an honor to be your ‘go-to’ firm, and we’ve taken great strides to reciprocate.  Our invoices are accurate.  Our insurance is covered.  Our marketing is professional.  Our offices are real.  Our work is solid.  Our people are smart.  Our participation in the industry is heartfelt.  It all seems like common sense, but we want our partners to have peace of mind when it comes to collaborating with Envision.  We want you to know that our work stands up to the final test, and that our success is shared together.


That, after all, is the POWER of partnership.

Very truly yours,

Victoria Malaszecki, MBA
President & CEO