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Envision’s technology services help streamline a project’s organization, operations, and efficiency. Our staff is recognized as experienced technology experts in state-of-the-art project and construction management support systems.

Our services include:
  • Oracle® Gold Partner
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Web-Based Document Management
  • Website Development

Oracle® Gold Partner

Envision is an Oracle® Gold Partner.The Oracle® Partner Network is a global business network of selected qualified companies that deliver innovative software solutions based on Oracle® Primavera software. Through access to Oracle®s premier products, specialized education, and technical support services, Oracle® Partners are provided the resources to offer leading-edge solutions backed by Oracle®’s dominant market position as the world’s largest business software company.This distinction enables us to comprehensively meet our clients’ systems, implementation, and training needs. Envision provides systems training and onsite support, and develops guidelines, policies, and procedures to ensure the software is being used properly and effectively to derive maximum benefits.  

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Envision uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to capture, customize, and analyze highly complex geographic datasets to create the visual representation clients need to get a clear picture of their projects.

Envision’s GIS services are customized to meet the distinct needs of each client and each project. We create datasets, maps, and other graphic representations that help project teams better visualize plans and designs. We create both static and interactive maps that keep the public informed on project progress and local impacts. We conduct thorough geospatial analyses that help identify patterns, trends and potential challenges. As a result, people are better equipped to understand the information that is important to them. This spatial comprehension then drives better decision making processes for an organization. And, we provide hands-on technical support and training to ensure that clients are getting the most of out of today’s GIS technology.

Envision’s technological expertise is backed by 25 years of experience in the AEC industry. We produce tools that can be used by all levels of management. We create visuals that inform and engage providing both public and private clients with the detailed information and illustrative graphics they need to manage their projects, minimize surprises and foster progress.

Our services include:
  • Data Acquisition and Processing
  • Asset Management
  • Data Creation and Visualization
  • Geospatial Analysis
  • Cartographic Design/Mapping
  • Database Design
  • Database Management
  • Media Relations
  • Web-Based Mapping
  • Technical Support & Training

Web-Based Document Management

Envision has years of experience providing online document management services, focusing on the collaboration and storage of information between clients or project teams, and various outside stakeholders.Our capabilities and expertise in the utilization of these proven advanced technologies allows us to efficiently manage the document control process. We provide the necessary visibility to the project team with ample time for quick responses to pressing issues, while simultaneously recording an accurate history of events with the following management controls:

  • Integrated construction management support
  • Controlled document management
  • Comprehensive change management
  • Accurate job cost management
  • Powerful dashboards and reporting tools
  • Project email
  • Search capabilities
  • Claim/issue resolution

Website Development

Envision has experience in the creation of corporate, professional organization, and project-based websites. We can customize a site that is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. Website creation and management has been a staple service on many of our Public Involvement projects.