City of Philadelphia, Division of Aviation, Restrooms Renovations Program, Philadelphia International Airport

City of Philadelphia, Division of Aviation, Restrooms Renovations Program, Philadelphia International Airport

Project Overview

As part of its continuous commitment to enhancing the guest experience, Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) has been modernizing 48 sets of passenger-facing restrooms since 2012. Goals of the renovation program include improving quality and comfort, accommodating more travelers, expanding accessibility for persons with disabilities and implementing sustainability measures.

The Restroom Renovation Program, phases 5 through 9, includes the complete renovations to thirty (30) existing public restroom sets and construction of two (2) new public restroom sets. The typical public restroom set includes a Men’s Restroom, Women’s Restroom, Janitor’s Closet, and a Gender Neutral Restroom. Several of these restroom sets will also include a Lactation Suite or a Service Animal Relief Area (SARA). In addition, two (2) new locations will be fit-out to include a Lactation Suite, SARA, Gender Neutral Restroom and a Janitor’s closet. Interior finishes for the restrooms include: tempered glass toilet partitions, sintered stone wall cladding, epoxy terrazzo flooring, and suspended metal panel ceilings.

Each restroom set will include a new, dedicated electrical panel to support LED lighting, equipment, and convenience outlets. The existing Fire Suppression systems will be re-configured for the new plan configurations as well as related modifications to Fire Alarm, Public Address and Special Systems.

A Smart Restroom monitoring and notification system is being planned to provide information to Custodial Operations on restroom use, paper product replenishment, trash accumulation and to alert Maintenance to plumbing incidents, device failure, system malfunction and periodic maintenance tasks. The information and alarms gathered by the Smart restroom system will be distributed through a local area network tied to a central monitoring and dispatching workstation.

Envision is providing project management support, construction management, and document control services for the Philadelphia International Airport’s Restroom Renovations Program.

Project Information

Owner City of Philadelphia, Division of Aviation
Project Start November 2022
Project End Ongoing
Project Cost $145M
Envision’s Role
  • Project Management Support
  • Construction Management
  • Document Control