Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission, Scudder Falls Bridge Replacement Project

Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission, Scudder Falls Bridge Replacement Project

Project Overview

As part of the Scudder Falls Bridge Replacement Project, a full bridge replacement with twin structures will be constructed, one for each roadway (NB & SB), with each having 3 travel lanes along with standard auxiliary lanes (two auxiliary lanes in the northbound direction and one auxiliary lane in the southbound to process exiting and entering traffic to and from the bridge to the interchanges on both sides of the river) and both left and right shoulders.

The two interchanges, I-95/Taylorsville Road Interchange in PA and the I-95/Route 29 Interchange in NJ, will be reconstructed to improve safety and operational conditions. The SFB roadway improvements will extend 4.4 miles from the I-95/PA Route 332 (Newtown-Yardley Road) Interchange north to the I-95/Bear Tavern Road (County Route 579) Interchange in New Jersey and will include the replacement of several additional I-95 approach bridge structures in this 4.4-mile area. Additionally, a shared-use pedestrian/bicycle pathway will be constructed next to the southbound lanes adjacent, and contiguous with, the upstream structure, connecting the Delaware Canal State Park in Pennsylvania with the D&R Canal State Park in New Jersey. Additionally, a Bridge Monitor/All Electronic Tolling Building will be built along the aforementioned pathway in Pennsylvania.

Envision provided on-site scheduling services for the project which included participating in the Scheduling Conference and all contractor bi-weekly progress/schedule update meetings; reviewing, analyzing, providing comments and approving the contractor’s CPM baseline and final schedule; reviewing, providing comments and approving the contractor’s bi-weekly schedule updates and two week look ahead schedules; monitoring construction progress and long-lead procurement items.

Project Information

Owner Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission (DRJTBC)
Project Start March 2017
Project End January 2022
Project Cost $369M
Envision’s Role
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Construction Schedule Review
  • Construction Schedule Analysis
  • Review of Monthly Project Schedule Updates
  • Contractor Meeting Support