New Jersey Department of Transportation, Wittpenn Bridge Replacement

New Jersey Department of Transportation, Wittpenn Bridge Replacement

Project Overview

The replacement of the old, and the construction of the new Wittpenn Vertical-Lift Bridge, which stretches nearly 2,200 feet across the Hackensack River from Jersey City to Kearny, NJ will improve traffic congestion in the area. The new bridge will progress the four lanes from sub-standard to standard width lanes and shoulders divided with a new median barrier. Due to the magnitude of this project, NJDOT has divided it into five separate contracts. Envision has been placed on three of those contracts to date.

Contract 1: Involved the construction of the river piers and fender system. Construction also included Pier 1E, 1W and 2W and the pier protection system on each side of the channel in front of Pier 2W. This system consists of 73-eight-foot diameter drilled shafts that are anchored into rock. All the piers and the cap of the pier protection system are reinforced concrete. (July 2011 – October 2013)

Contract 3: This part of the project provided for the new vertical lift span over the Hackensack River. The new bridge is being constructed approximately 200 feet north of the existing bridge. This contract included the construction of the lift span towers on the piers constructed in Contract 1 and the Kearny approach. The lift span, counterweight, elevator and all mechanical and electrical systems were completed so the span is fully operational at the completion of the contract. The work covered under Contract 3 included: the construction of off-line portion of the main lift span over the Hackensack River on the Kearny side; the construction of piers 3W, 4W and 5W; the construction of the superstructure for Unit 2 and 3; the base supports for Sign Structures Number 3; the barrier gate and warning gate support. (May 2015 – May 2018)

Contract 3A: This phase included construction of the final bridge and approach roadway segments, as well as improvements to the interchange at Fish House Road. New connection ramps to Newark Avenue and St. Paul’s Avenue will be provided, and demolition of the existing Wittpenn Bridge will commence. (August 2017 – November 2022)

Contract 4: This phase includes construction of the final bridge and approach roadway segments of the new vertical lift bridge, and fish House Road interchange improvements. (Ongoing)

Project Information

Owner New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT)
Project Start Jully 2011
Project End Ongoing
Project Cost $480M
Envision’s Role
  • CPM Scheduling Services
  • Construction Schedule Review
  • Construction Schedule Analysis
  • Review of Monthly Project Schedule Updates