School District of Philadelphia, Capital Improvement Program

School District of Philadelphia, Capital Improvement Program

Project Overview

The School District of Philadelphia’s $500 million capital program consists of new construction, major renovations, life cycle replacements, modernization to meet code requirements and educational programming needs. It is the objective of the School District to utilize professional expertise to manage the planning, evaluation, scheduling, design process (including selection and regular review), constructability analysis, cost estimation, construction, project close-out and all aspects of the successful delivery of the program.

This Program supports The School District of Philadelphia’s intent to accomplish approximately 200 critical projects over thirty (30) months. It is anticipated that the program will impact at least 130 facilities, including the design and construction of three new schools. The program spans throughout the City of Philadelphia and impacts approximately 86,000 students.

Envision developed the Master Baseline CPM Schedule for this project, and provided monthly updates for the duration of the project. Envision also evaluated the time impact analysis for potential delays. Envision is providing professional Construction Management, Program Controls Management, Cost Estimating as well as Administrative services for the School District of Philadelphia’s Capital Improvement Program.

Project Information

Owner The School District of Philadelphia (SDP)
Project Start December 2019
Project End January 2024
Project Cost $500M
Envision’s Role
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Cost Estimating
  • Construction Management
  • Program Controls Management
  • Document Control
  • Administrative Services