Pennsylvania Department of General Services, PA Joint Laboratory Facility

Pennsylvania Department of General Services, PA Joint Laboratory Facility

Project Overview

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is developing a Joint Laboratory Facility to be located off of Elmerton Avenue in Harrisburg, PA. Four Agencies, the Department of Agriculture, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Health and the Pennsylvania State Police will be physically unified within the building with shared common facilities. The total project used Lean Design practices and principles. The facility will encompass approximately 270,000 total square feet in a multistory structure at a Base Construction Amount (BCA) of $200M.

As part of a Collaborative Cost Estimating ITQ contract, Envision provided collaborative cost estimating services for the Joint Laboratory Facility project. Pre-Design stage services included project budget validation and a Program Development Study (PDS). Envision provided an order of magnitude estimate for use in validating the adequacy of the project’s base construction amount and participated in the on-site Gemba walk with the Project team. Envision actively participated in the 5 full-day Program Development Study (PDS) workshops at the DGS Arsenal Building.

Project Information

Owner Pennsylvania Department of General Services (PADGS)
Project Start December 2021
Project End July 2023
Project Cost $200M
Envision’s Role
  • Cost Estimating
  • Project Budget Validation
  • Program Development Study