Amtrak, 30th Street District Master Plan

Amtrak, 30th Street District Master Plan

Project Overview

The historic 30th Street Station is a Beaux Arts masterpiece perched on the western bank of the Schuylkill River. The plan established the framework for a landmark transportation hub that knitted together two downtown districts – Center City and University City. For the surrounding area, an improved passenger, driver, pedestrian, and cyclist environment provides cohesion and creates space for new and expanded buildings for Drexel University. Through bold development, an activated public realm, and an expanded transit network, the master plan creates a viable framework for Philadelphia’s next great neighborhood.

Envision was responsible for community outreach efforts, including: public engagement, information sharing, stakeholder engagement, public participation, public information, project principal assistance, website development and management, creation of a stakeholder database, development of public meeting materials, coordination of public meetings, etc. Envision established and managed the project hotline. The firm was responsible for media tracking and dissemination of project-related articles. Envision created a Public Engagement Plan and a database used for tracking and management of all public inquiries.

Also, in a related, but separate, part of this scope, Envision led the Civic Advisory Group (CAG) meetings. The purpose of the meetings were to: generate community interest in the Plan; act as a liaison between the community and the project team; represent a holistic viewpoint concerning community interests, concerns and goals; and promote a welcoming and respectful forum for ideas and suggestions regarding the Plan. Eight CAG meetings were planned. Invited participants included local business associations, civic association, home owner groups, community councils and other improvement groups, and community-based housing leaders. The team identified and reserved meeting locations, prepared meeting materials (project boards, sign-in sheets, agendas, information materials, food\beverages, presentations, computer equipment, etc.), facilitated the meetings, and prepared appropriate meeting minutes and other reports. Staff led break-out groups to discuss in-depth aspects of the Plan. Envision’s graphic designers prepared of materials used in the public meetings. The team also implemented live, online polling during the open houses. Envision worked closely with Amtrak, and shared results and findings with the client and other team members.

Project Information

Owner Amtrak
Project Start June 2014
Project End December 2016
Project Cost $3.9M
Envision’s Role
  • Public Involvement Services
  • Community Outreach
  • Graphics
  • Project Hotline
  • Civic Advisory Group Meetings