Amtrak, Brill Substation to Landlith Interlocking SOGR Overhead Catenary Structure

Amtrak, Brill Substation to Landlith Interlocking SOGR Overhead Catenary Structure

Project Overview

The section of the NEC Corridor beginning at Brill Substation Philadelphia and ending at Landlith Interlocking in Delaware is made up of three (3) and four (4) track territory with 19 curves and four (4) interlockings. This section of the corridor was originally electrified by the Pennsylvania Railroad in the 1920s. The overhead catenary system (OCS) and the supporting catenary structures in this location are beyond a state-of-good-repair and must be replaced entirely. The 22-mile stretch of electrification consists of a 138,000-volt transmission, 12,000-volt traction power and 6,900-volt aerial signal power feeder system. This portion of the corridor is complex, sharing service with SEPTA Regional Rail operations and Delmarva Transmission overbuild. Local power utility and fiber optic service is being connected to the existing and replaced catenary structures.

The project limits extend from structure W-25 at Brill to the southbound home signal structure W-436 at Landlith. As the Northeast Corridor continues to be brought to a state-of-good-repair and continues to be upgraded due to changes in operations, the design team shall be cognizant of these efforts and coordinate with Amtrak’s Electric Traction, Communication/Signals, Track and Planning departments during the relocation of electrification facilities as they relate to the current NEC Master Track Plan for the Northeast Corridor. The planned work will be performed under weekend and overnight shutdown conditions.

During Phase A, Envision reviewed the design estimates and prepared an Order of Magnitude construction estimate, including current material cost that could impact the cost of the project. Envision also assisted in the development and review of the constructability/staging analysis documents.

During Phase B, Envision will provide design and final design cost and schedule submissions; comprehensive construction schedule for all design submissions that require a construction schedule; construction schedule that includes both procurement and construction activities.

Project Information

Owner Amtrak
Project Start January 2022
Project End Ongoing
Project Cost $780M
Envision’s Role
  • Constructability Review
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Cost Estimating
  • Staging Analysis