NJ Transit, Long Slip Fill and Rail Enhancement

NJ Transit, Long Slip Fill and Rail Enhancement

Project Overview

The Long Slip Fill and Rail Enhancement project will allow NJ Transit to operate train service longer and recover more quickly from storm events. The project will modify the Long Slip, a 2,000-foot former barge canal adjacent to the Hoboken Terminal Yard to eliminate it as a conduit for flood water. Long Slip was inundated by the surge created by Superstorm Sandy, contributing to the flooding of Hoboken Terminal and the adjacent Hoboken Yard.

The canal will be filled to an elevation above the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) base flood elevation, and six new tracks will be constructed on the filled area to serve three high-level ADA-accessible boarding platforms. The elevated position of tracks and platforms will permit the rapid recovery of commuter rail services to and from Hoboken Terminal and its associated Hudson Bergen Light Rail (HBLR) and ferry services, while the main terminal and yard infrastructure are being restored following a storm, and the continuation of services when the terminal and yard are taken out of service in advance of an impending storm.

For this project, Envision is providing CPM scheduling services, including review and approval of the project baseline CPM schedule. Monthly CPM schedule updates are reviewed and analyzed and a detailed review report is provided. Envision is also providing cost estimating and document control services.

Project Information

Owner NJ Transit
Project Start January 2020
Project End January 2025
Project Cost $200M
Envision’s Role
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Construction Schedule Review
  • Construction Schedule Analysis
  • Review of Monthly Project Schedule Updates
  • Cost Estimating
  • Document Control