Amtrak, Stations & Facilities State of Good Repair (SOGR) Assessments

Amtrak, Stations & Facilities State of Good Repair (SOGR) Assessments

Project Overview

As part of Amtrak’s Standard Policies, each Amtrak Station Facility must be inspected every five-years to assess the State of Good Repair (SOGR) associated with building systems, including, but not limited to, Building Façade and Finishes, Mechanical Systems, Electrical Systems, Plumbing Systems, Site. This work is not limited to station buildings only, but also encompasses maintenance spaces, station yards, platforms, etc.

Since 2016, Envision has provided professional cost estimating services working as a subconsultant on various location divisions of this SOGR work; inclusive of the Northwest, Southeast, Southwest and Central locales of the United States, culminating in over 590 stations and yards assessment estimates. Working closely with the assessors and engineers that are on the ground, Envision meets and communicates regularly to determine cost and schedule impacts of the varying work.

Though much of the pricing is unit costs related, the challenges associated with different locales, different station logistics, etc., must be clear and fully understood by The Collaborative Team to generate thoughtful pricing and scheduling parameters including prioritization of the needs through a five-year period. There is constant review of data to ensure that all needs have been met to ensure Amtrak can fully understand their budgetary needs associated with each station over a five-year period.

Project Information

Owner Amtrak
Project Start August 2016
Project End Ongoing
Project Cost $1B
Envision’s Role
  • Cost Estimating