Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, Camden County HSIP Local Concept Development Study

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, Camden County HSIP Local Concept Development Study

Project Overview

The goal of the study was to recommend preferred alternatives that will significantly improve the safety for all modes of travel within the project’s study area, with special attention given to vulnerable users: pedestrians and bicyclists. Funding for this project was made available through Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s (DVRPC) FY 2016 Local Capital Project Delivery (LCPD) Program for Camden County.

The study area was County Route 605, which is Mt. Ephraim Avenue in the City of Camden. It spans from County Road 603 (Ferry Avenue) to Country Route 561 (Haddon Avenue). The study complies with the Federal Highway Administration’s Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), from which one of the project deliverables will include a Highway Safety Manual (HSM) analysis completed to the specifications of NJDOT’s Bureau of Transportation Data and Safety.

Envision was responsible for the public outreach efforts for the study. A Public Action Plan was developed to maximize public awareness of the project, as public engagement was a key factor in the success of the study. Multiple strategies were used to engage the public, as well as key stakeholders, including the development and maintenance of a new website, advanced and timely public notice of participation activities, and public input gathering and analyzation.

Key stakeholders were specifically identified, including more than 20 transportation agencies in the area. Coordination with these stakeholders, and organizing and promoting public meetings helped the project team better understand what the area needs to bolster transportation. Envision also crafted visual beneficiaries to help the public gain its own understanding of how this project will affect the direct community.

Project Information

Owner Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC)
Project Start December 2016
Project End December 2017
Project Cost $1M
Envision’s Role
  • Public Involvement Services
  • Community Outreach
  • Graphics
  • Key Stakeholder Coordination
  • Website Development