Delaware River Port Authority, PATCO Franklin Square Station Design

Delaware River Port Authority, PATCO Franklin Square Station Design

Project Overview

Originally opened in 1936, Franklin Square Station was a part of the Bridge Line service for Philadelphia Rapid Transit. In 1979 the station was closed down due to low ridership. However, with the station being located in the heart of Philadelphia, its location is too good to stay closed. Franklin Square Station will be reopened in 2024 with an estimated 1,500 people using the station every day. The project is also meant to give commuters more options and to help create more economic development in the area.

Envision provided CPM scheduling and cost estimating services for the design of the Franklin Square Station. The station will be fully functional and in line with the current PATCO stations. As a result of development surrounding the Franklin Square area, DRPA and PATCO are taking the necessary steps to re-open the station to passenger services. The work covered under this project will allow the station to become fully functional and in-line with the fourteen other PATCO stations. This project will also make improvements to the station’s mechanical, civil, structural, and electrical systems while providing access in agreement with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Project Information

Owner Delaware River Port Authority
Project Start December 2017
Project End October 2019
Project Cost $30 M
Envision’s Role
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Cost Estimating