NJ Transit, Northern Bus Maintenance Facility

NJ Transit, Northern Bus Maintenance Facility

Project Overview

The Northern Bus Maintenance Facility will be a new 500 bus garage increasing the bus storage and maintenance capacity and includes the necessary infrastructure to support the operation and maintenance of zero-emissions buses. The new facility intends to be LEED-certified and constructed with solar panels on the roof, feature modern fleet diagnostics and maintenance equipment, and will be 100% Zero-Emission Bus ready.

To support the completion of the Conceptual Design (Phase IA), Envision was responsible for providing cost estimating, configuration management and document change control services. During this phase the project team collected data, conducted a needs assessment, developed four conceptual designs, and prepared a project definition report. This phase of the project carried the effort to a 10% design level and recommended an initially preferred alternative. For the preliminary design phase (Phase 1B), Envision will provide cost estimating and CPM scheduling services for the selected alternative.

Envision also prepared a Configuration Management Plan (CMP) in accordance with the requirements of ISO 10000. The CMP utilizes a proven, auditable electronic based configuration management system to its design of the project. Configuration management provides an accurate historical record that can trace decisions made throughout the life of the Project.


Project Information

Owner NJ Transit
Project Start March 2021
Project End March 2022
Project Cost $1B
Envision’s Role
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Cost Scheduling
  • Configuration Management
  • Document Control