Amtrak, Washington Union Station Subbasement Structural Replacement

Amtrak, Washington Union Station Subbasement Structural Replacement

Project Overview

Washington Union Station’s 2nd Century plan is a comprehensive improvement initiative comprised of multiple projects that seek to double passenger and train capacity by modernizing and expanding station facilities over the next 20 years. The 2nd Century plan was informed by the 2012 Master Plan which set a vision for both near- and long-term growth goals for the station.

Part of the 2nd Century plan was Amtrak’s Subbasement Structural Replacement Project which included replacing existing antiquated infrastructure that supported the Amtrak run-through rail tunnel below the historic Washington Union Station. This rail tunnel connects the Northeast rail corridor to points south and is vital to intercity and commuter operations.

The project included replacing antiquated subbasement beams, girders and columns with a new structural support system; replacing existing reinforced concrete slab and to waterproof new slab; replace in kind existing ballast, tracks and to replace subgrade drainage elements and lastly, to remove, reinstall and/or replace existing catenary lines and poles and communications/signaling cables and boxes.

For this project, Envision is provided design and construction scheduling services in coordination with the engineers, designers and Amtrak personnel to verify that the project’s operational stipulations and requirements were met. The construction schedule was based on the design progress and means and methods in regards to constructability and tracked and monitored the progress on the project to keep all parties informed.


Project Information

Owner Amtrak
Project Start March 2017
Project End Ongoing (Estimated 2022)
Project Cost $100M
Envision’s Role
  • Design Scheduling
  • Construction Scheduling