SEPTA, Secane Station Renovation

SEPTA, Secane Station Renovation

Project Overview

The project entailed the design services required to overhaul SEPTA’s existing Secane Station located in Clifton Heights, PA. The station serves nearly 11,000 daily riders. The work associated with this overhaul encompassed development of a new station building with a waiting area and restrooms, refurbishment of portions of the existing 1871 historic station building, ADA upgrades, new high-level platforms with steel canopy systems and a new underground tunnel for pedestrians/train passengers.

Envision was responsible for cost estimating and CPM scheduling services provided at the conceptual, 30%, 60%, 90% and 100% design submission stages.

Envision worked closely with the design team to prepare estimates that incorporated vendor/contractor quotes for labor and equipment, force account labor, and escalation and contingency factors commiserate with the stage of design and anticipated construction dates in adherence to SEPTA’s construction cost estimating requirements. For the scheduling efforts, the estimating and scheduling staff worked closely to together to formulate a detailed CPM schedule that met the requirements of the project and to best track progress upon commencement of construction; incorporating long lead items, phasing, and the efforts of multiple trades on the project

Project Information

Owner Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)
Project Start May 2014
Project End March 2015
Project Cost $21M
Envision’s Role
  • Cost Estimating
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Construction Scheduling