SEPTA Concourse Enhancements Phases 2 & 4

SEPTA Concourse Enhancements Phases 2 & 4

Project Overview

SEPTA’s Center City Concourse Program aims to make significant upgrades to the underground pedestrian tunnel network that connects major transit stations beneath Center City. This 500,000+ square-foot-space spans from JFK Boulevard to Spruce Street and from 8th Street to 18th Street. The concourse provides access to many businesses, offices, historical points of interest, two PATCO stations for connecting service to South Jersey, and access to SEPTA Regional Rail, Market Frankford, Trolleys, and Broad Street Lines.

Concourse improvements also enhance user safety and security through the use of newly installed surveillance cameras, head end equipment and controls, and other security design considerations.

Envision was responsible for design estimating and CPM scheduling services based on interim project documentation issues in order to determine overall project duration and any necessary interim milestones. Envision’s scheduling services included a detailed thorough understanding of the pre-construction and construction efforts to provide an accurate forecast for interim and overall project completion dates.

Project Information

Owner Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)
Project Start June 2017
Project End December 2018
Project Cost 60K
Envision’s Role
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Construction Schedule Review
  • Construction Schedule Analysis
  • Design Estimating