Philadelphia Water Department, George’s Hill Booster Pumping Station

Philadelphia Water Department, George’s Hill Booster Pumping Station

Project Overview

The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) determined that the Belmont High Service Pressure District (BHS) does not meet the goals set out by the City’s Water Management Plan as it only has the BHS Booster Station as a supply source. The new booster station will have a firm capacity to meet the typical peak daily demand of the BHS, which has an average daily flow of 10.3 million gallons-per-day (MGD) and a peak hour flow of 14 MGD. This is a lower level of service than the PWD typically uses for new booster station design for the following reasons. Through conversations with PWD staff, an alternative configuration was investigated that positions the pumps into the center of the building in a stacked configuration. Below grade piping galleries were utilized for the common suction piping and a portion of the discharge piping to ensure adequate access to the equipment were provided for operations and maintenance activities. This configuration helps reduce the required floor space while maintaining sufficient space for operator access and maintenance. The preliminary layout of the proposed booster station, in this configuration, results in an approximate footprint of 7,965 square feet.

Envision is responsible for providing Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Cost (EOPC) estimating services for the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Water’s George’s Hill Booster Pump Station project.


Project Information

Owner City of Philadelphia, Water Department (PWD)
Project Start June 2020
Project End December 2023
Project Cost $20M
Envision’s Role
  • Cost Estimating
  • Scheduling