Middlesex Water Company, Carl J. Olsen Water Treatment Plant Ozone Upgrade

Middlesex Water Company, Carl J. Olsen Water Treatment Plant Ozone Upgrade

Project Overview

The Middlesex Water System’s principal source of treatable water is from the Delaware & Raritan Canal which is owned by the State of New Jersey and operated as a water resource by the New Jersey Water Supply Authority (NJWSA). Water is drawn from the Delaware & Raritan Canal at New Brunswick, New Jersey through an intake and pumping station, located on state-owned land bordering the canal. Water is then transported through two raw water pipelines for treatment and distribution at the Carl J. Olsen (CJO) Water Treatment Plant in Edison, New Jersey.

Prior to 2019, Middlesex Water Company began to plan for the construction of the CJO Plant Ozone Upgrade for Disinfection by-products (DBP) Water Treatment Improvements. Work for the project includes, but is not limited to, demolition of two existing chlorine contact basins (CCBs), which will be replaced with three ozone contactors (OCs); construction of an Ozone generation building housing ozone generators, a nitrogen system, a cooling water system, a destruct system, an injection system, a sampling system and an influent and effluent pipe gallery to OCs; installation of an liquid oxygen (LOX) tank and vaporizer equipment; construction of an ozone quenching building to house hydrogen peroxide and sodium bisulfite storage and feed systems; Installation of yard piping, valves, structures and a surge tank; modifications to the photovoltaic system on CCBs and the ozone generation building; replacement of existing electrical substation with new 38 kV and 5 kV switchgear; replacement of an emergency power generation system with three 2,000 kW diesel generators and installation of new HVAC, electrical and fire alarm systems.

For this project, Envision is providing CPM scheduling services which includes developing the overall baseline schedule containing more than 1,000 activities including cost loading, organizing the schedule’s work breakdown structure (WBS) by milestones, admin tasks, procurement, demolition, supplied materials, training and closeout activities while also maintaining the organization of construction activities by the Ozone Generation Facility’s rooms/floors. Envision will also provide monthly progress updates up to final completion.

Project Information

Owner Middlesex Water Company
Project Start May 2019
Project End May 2021
Project Cost $55M
Envision’s Role
  • CPM Scheduling Services
  • Baseline Schedule Development
  • Perform Monthly Progress Updates